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Core Infrastructure solutions include many partners, solutions and technologies to ensure our customers the best outcome for their particular situation. We believe that to address modern IT challenges, we cannot merely provide the run-of-the-mill solutions. Our highly skilled personnel look holistically at your network and address the underlying structure and complexity and will walk you through the challenges that you may face and help you rank your plans in a structured and systematic manner. They help you create a cohesive and uniform environment and adopt IT solutions that support proven best practices. This helps you with:

  • Options that could reduce the total cost of ownership thus helping your existing infrastructure deliver more.
  • Separating your short term and long term goals and amalgamating technologies.
  • Linking silo applications through your existing investments to give powerful enterprise-wide solutions which reduce overall costs.
  • Envisaging both tangible and intangible benefits.

Some of the Core Services and Solutions that we offer include;

  • Server and Storage Virtualization
  • IT Implementation and Support
  • IT and Business Consulting,
  • Training
  • PPP (Public Private Partnership)
  • Small and Medium Business Solution
  • Data Quality and Cleansing
  • Enterprise Electronic Data Capture and Scanning
  • Customized Software Development
  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting standard)
  • Datawarehouse
  • Banking ID and KYC
  • Performance Management System
  • Credit/Loan Facility (Retail/Corporate)  

We are well positioned to ensure that your network is up and running at all critical times.